Visualizing San Francisco's Real Estate Boom

Visualizing San Francisco's Real Estate Boom

San Francisco Housing Prices

Prices represent median prices per square foot, adjusted for inflation to dollars in the second half of 2014, using the San Francisco metro area CPI less shelter index from the BLS. Housing sales data from San Francisco and San Mateo county records. Author's own analysis.

"The rent is too damn high," said Jimmy McMillan. Perhaps New York and San Francisco are unique in that this statement has almost always been true, at least in recent memory. But in the last couple of years, prices have surged to a whole new level — the rent is way too damn high.

According to data from real estate market site Zillow, home sales prices have increased from $687 to $935 per square foot — a change of $248 — in San Francisco between March 2013 and March 2015, the largest change of any county in the nation with reliable data. For context, this would mean a 1,000 square foot condo would have increased by almost $250,000 in just two years. The gif above and the images below show which areas have been affected the most.

2013 on left
2015 on right