Exploring School Quality in DCPS
Many parents use test scores (along with other factors) to evaluate the best schools for their child, but a better measure for school quality may be student growth — the average gains experienced by children in a school in a given year. Although the two are highly related, the differences are not always as large as you might think, and there are a few notable outliers, such as C.W. Harris Elementary School, that saw large student gains in math in 2012-13 despite relatively low test scores overall. Hendley may be very impressive, but was one of the schools flagged for cheating by OSSE recently.
Source: District of Columbia Public Schools School Profiles, 2012-13 School Year - http://profiles.dcps.dc.gov/.
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Click the table headers to sort. Schools in red were flagged by OSSE for critical cheating violations in 2012.