All the data behind the visualization is available for download:

Data Notes

The LSD column in the "Data behind the visualization" spreadsheet stands for Line Station Direction. Each Line Station combination corresponds to a station name in the Station Number to Name Reference spreadsheet.

The direction indicator can be either 1 or -1, indicating the direction the train is currently traveling. A 1 indicates a positive movement on the line — for example, from station Orange 1 [Vienna] to Orange 2 [Dunn Loring] — while a -1 indicates a negative movement along a line — for example, from station Orange 26 [New Carrollton] to Orange 25 [Landover].

Example: Orange 1 1 Represents the Orange line (Orange) at Vienna (Orange 1) traveling to New Carrollton (the second 1 indicates a positive direction, and the highest numbered station on the orange line in the reference spreadsheet is New Carrollton).

Each row in the spreadsheet represents a unique Day-Time Period-Line-Station-Direction (the first three columns). For each observation, I list the total number of people on the train for that station-line-direction after all people have gotten off and on at that given station.

Each column to the right of the "Total" column represents the number of people on the train at that line-station-direction after people have already gotten on and off the train at that station whose final destination (NOT their transfer point) is the variable name (the station name) for that column.

Example: The following table indicates that on the average Sunday AM Peak in May 2012 on the Orange line at the Vienna station traveling to New Carrollton, after everyone got off the train (none, since it's the beginning of the line) and everyone gets on, there was an average of 454.5 total people on the train (the total of the Sunday AM Peak for this Line Station Direction averaged across all Sunday AM Peak periods in May 2012). An average of 3.8 of these people have a final destination of Dunn Loring (and 0 have a destination of Vienna, because if you're exiting in Vienna, why get on the train there?).

Day Time LSD Total Vienna Dunn Loring
Sunday AM Peak Orange 1 1 454.5 0 3.8