Ever wonder how many people are on the metro, where they are going, or how your commute compares to other lines? WMATA recently released data for the first time on average trips, station by station, for May 2012.

Data below represent the

line to

over all

for all

Dot size represents the number of people on the train getting off at that station (detailed statistics below map).

Station Name

Why are all the numbers so large?

Metro provides data for the total number of people riding in each time period. For example, Weekday AM Peak figures represent the total number of people riding the orange line from the time metro opens to 9:30 a.m., averaged over all weekdays in May 2012. Because metro did not release many details with the data, it is difficult to determine the cutoff point for the number of trains run during this time period, which we would use to calculate the total number of people per train during each time period.

Total riders on the train at this stop: 0

Top final destinations for these riders

  1. Example 1: 0
  2. Example 2: 0
  3. Example 3: 0
  4. Example 4: 0
  5. Example 5: 0

Compare to the nth station stop on the

Orange line to Vienna:

Orange line to New Carrollton:

Blue line to Franconia-Springfield:

Blue line to Largo Town Center:

Yellow line to Huntington:

Yellow line to Fort Totten:

Green line to Branch Avenue:

Green line to Greenbelt:

Red line to Shady Grove:

Red line to Glenmont:





















Metro map adapted from VeggieGarden.

Station Name

On average, x people on the train at the current stop are going to y.